Common Geolocation Issues

Common Geolocation Issues

In this article, we go over the common issues surrounding geolocation and solutions to get you back in the game!

Common Problems: 
  1. Prohibited Software: software programs installed on your device may conflict with the geolocation process. Please ensure you are not running a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Remote Desktop software (Such as Teamviewer or Anydesk). These programs will cause the geolocation checks to fail. 
  2. Attempting to play on a Chromebook. Unfortunately, Chromebooks are not supported. You can only play on a Windows PC, Mac Computer, and Android or IOS device. 
  3. If you are playing from a remote location there may not be enough Wi-Fi signals to confirm you location. Please ensure your device has access to 3 wifi signals so we can triangulate your location. Alternatively, try to connect your device via cellular data. 
  4. If you are connecting via mobile web, PC, or Mac computer, you must download the appropriate app or plugin
    1. PC/Mac Computer Computer: How to download the GeoComply Plugin
    2. Mobile Web: How to download the GeoGuard App

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