W-2G & Win-Loss Statement

W-2G & Win-Loss Statement

Need tax information? We've got you covered, and you don't even need to speak with a member of our Customer Support team!

You can view your win/loss amounts, W-2G forms, limit history, and transaction history all in one place. First, click on your Profile Picture. Then select the Cashier tab. Finally, select "Win/Loss.".

A W-2G is generated whenever there's a win of $1200.00 or greater on a random-number-generated slot or table game. To view any W-2G forms you may have generated, select Tax Report:

You can only search a 15-day window at a time. 

You can view your win/loss amount by selecting the Win/Loss tab.

If you need a formal win/loss statement for your account, please contact our Customer Support team, and we will send it to you.

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