This method deposits funds directly from your registered Venmo account. To utilize this method, select the Venmo option from the Add Funds menu.


Enter the monetary amount and click Add Funds. If you are on a PC, a QR code will appear which will direct your to the Venmo app. If you are using the Stardust IOS or Android  App, you should automatically be directed to Venmo. Note, you can only fund your account via Venmo with a linked bank account or your Venmo balance. You choose how you would like the funds withdrawn from your venmo account, by going to Settings>Connected Businesses>Pala Interactive LLC within the Venmo app. 

Deposit Limits: 
  • Minimum Daily Deposit Limit: $10
  • Maximum Daily Deposit Limit: $2,999.00

  • You can only deposit with a linked bank account or Venmo balance. Depositing with a linked credit/debit card in not prohibited. 

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